Our Commitment

American Transportation Lines SENEGAL

Our Commitment

World-Class Customer Service

Enjoy 24/7 World-Class Customer Service.

Safety & Security

  • All our buses will be monitored from control center locations to ensure the integrity of the operations.
  • All our buses will be equipped with GPS for
    administrative tracking.
  • All our buses will be equipped with security cameras for the safety of our passengers, crews and equipment.
  • Passengers must comply with our onboard policies.

Our Focus

  • Committed to your safety onboard American.
  • Crew is available to help you at stations.
  • Provide a smooth and relaxing ride to your stops.

Smart & Trustworthy

  • We are a smart and fun group.
  • We work as a team in a good working environment.
  • We are resilient and committed to our goals.
  • We are a trustworthy group of people.