American Transportation Lines SENEGAL

Supporting the Transportation Needs for All Children

Our Mission

We need to have the school buses to get our children to their schools.

Dear friends, we appreciate your support for this cause. Thank you for your help. We will be counting on you to help. We believe that your efforts will make a difference in the lives of the youth. We are asking you to make your donations today. The funds will be used to acquire school buses. The buses will be used well. They will serve well.

The benefits of having a school bus to take the children to school are safety, control, and attendance. The school buses will give peace of mind to teachers and parents. Because the children will be picked and dropped at their stops.

We will be giving a helping hand to our youth. The education of our youth will be our goal. The future of our youth will be our main priority. Thank you. Each donation we do will bring our goals closer to the mark. This will change the lives of the school kids. Our actions will send a clear message to the rest of the world. We care about our youth. Their future is in our hands. We will stand together for this cause.

Because we care about the faith of our neighborhoods, we are asking you to join us to support our youth. Thank you very much.


The Leadership team,
American Transportation Lines LLC