Entertainment & Amenities

American Transportation Lines SENEGAL

Transport Highlights

We need you to feel comfortable when you travel with us. So our transports have a lot of highlights to enable you to unwind, as comfortable cowhide seats and bunches of legroom (in addition to free Wi-Fi, locally available diversion and electrical plugs so you can in any case be a rocker surfer). 

ALL Transport Highlights and Facilities

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is free on the entirety of our transports, for all travelers. We consider it to be an unquestionable requirement have nowadays, not a top notch highlight. So proceed, browse your messages or Instagram window view from the street . Kindly don’t stream video amid your voyage however – we’ve all got the chance to share the data transfer capacity!


Each American transport is completely furnished with the most recent innovation to consume fuel neatly, decreasing our effect on the earth. 

Movie Streaming or Audio Play

All passengers will share the onboard screens so they  can be entertained during the journey. Please, they can enjoy the movie streaming or audio  play right from their comforts. 

Leaning back cowhide seats & Overhead stockpiling

Our comfortable cowhide seats are movable and have a convenient hassock, so you can discover only the correct spot to unwind. You can free up more space around you by putting your portable stuff in the capacity compartment over your seat.

On-board bathroom

We do stop for rest breaks, however it’s great to know there’s a bathroom on board each transport on the off chance that you need it.